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[htm] Luk 001 01v01-04 Things Most Surely Believed.htm81.1 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 002 01v05-12 When God Broke His Silence.htm99.9 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 003 01v13-17 A Man Filled With the Holy Ghost.htm76.6 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 004 01v18-25 Unbelief.htm72.0 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 005 01v26-33 Greatness of our Savior.htm78.5 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 006 01v31-33 He Shall Be Great.htm98.5 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 007 01v34-38 How Shall This Be.htm75.3 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 008 01v39-45 A Visit InThe Hills.htm85.4 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 009 01v46-56 Mary's Song.htm83.0 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 010 01v57-66 The Hand Of The Lord Was With Him.htm44.1 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 011 01v67-80 Three Reasons For Praise.htm85.7 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 012 02v01-07 The Birth Of Our Savior.htm76.2 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 013 02v08-20 The Message of the Incarnation.htm84.8 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 014 02v21-24 According to the Law.htm68.8 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 015 02v25-35 Christ Our Light, Glory, Salvation.htm44.5 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 016 02v36-40 Them That Look For Redemption.htm88.5 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 017 02v41-52 The Master's Boyhood.htm64.8 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 018 03v01-06 The Making of a Prophet.htm97.4 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 019 03v07-14 Baptist Preaching.htm118.4 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 020 03v15-20 John the Baptist - A Faithful preacher.htm82.0 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 021 03v21-38 Lessons From the Master's Baptism and.htm75.4 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 022 04v01-13 The Temptation of Christ.htm87.5 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 023 04v14-32 A Riot in the Synagogue.htm84.8 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 023a 04v31-44 Lessons From Capernaum.htm72.3 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 024 05v01-11 At Thy Word.htm72.4 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 025 05v12-16 How Does A Sinner Approach the Lord.htm114.3 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 026 05v17-26 Four of the Most Important Men.htm85.5 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 027 05v27-32 A Publican Named Levi.htm63.1 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 028 05v26 Strange Things.htm117.6 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 029 05v33-39 The Old Is Better.htm75.3 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 030 05v36-39 Patches, Broken Bottles, and Something Better.htm61.7 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 031 06v01-05 The Second Sabbath After the First.htm65.0 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 032 06v06-11 On Another Sabbath.htm94.5 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 033 06v12-19 Prayer, Preaching, Power.htm61.6 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 034 06v12-19 Worship.htm89.2 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 035 06v20-26 Four Great Contrasts.htm72.3 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 036 06v27-38 How Can I Live Among Men For The Glory of God.htm79.0 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 037 06v39-45 Three Great Dangers.htm54.8 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 038 06v16-49 What is Your Foundation.htm58.5 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 039 07v01-10 A Certain Centurion.htm77.2 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 040 07v11-17A Blessed Intrusion.htm66.7 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 041 07v18-23 The Concern of a Condemned Man.htm63.2 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 042 07v24-30 Our Great Defender.htm85.6 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 043 07v31-35 Wisdom Justified.htm70.9 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 044 07v36-50 A Woman Who Was A Sinner.htm45.9 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 045 08v01-03 The Glad Tidings of the Kingdom.htm74.2 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 046 08v04-18 Take Heed How You Hear.htm85.3 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 047 08v18 Hearing the Gospel.htm86.6 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 048 08v16-21 Everybody ought to Know.htm49.1 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 049 08v22-25 There Came Down a Storm.htm100.5 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 050 08v26-36 Grace for the Gadarene.htm100.1 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 051 08v31-33 37-40 They Besought Him.htm57.2 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 052 08v41-48 Who Touched Me.htm91.6 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 053 08v41-56 Maid, Arise.htm66.1 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 054 08v40 Waiting for Him.htm63.6 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 055 09v01-06 Are There Any Like These Left.htm66.3 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 056 09v07-11 Who is this.htm124.2 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 057 09v07-11 Healing for all Who Need It.htm72.7 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 058 09v12-17 Two Fish, Five Pieces of Bread, and 5000 for Dinner.htm45.8 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 058a 09v18-22 Two Questions and a Command.htm63.7 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 059 09v23-27 What is Christianity.htm99.3 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 060 09v28-36 A Glimpse of Glory.htm66.1 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 061 09v37-45 When They Came Down.htm91.1 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 062 09v46-50 Two Things We Must Avoid.htm88.7 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 063 09v51 He Steadfastly Set His Face.htm101.5 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 064 09v51-56 When the Time Was Come.htm55.7 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 065 09v57-62 A Fake Disciple and Two Misguided Preachers.htm72.4 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 066 10v01-07 Whither He Himself Would Come.htm72.6 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 067 10v08-16 Be Sure of This.htm50.7 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 068 10v17-20 Joy Checked and Joy Encouraged.htm87.8 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 069 10v21-24 Our Savior's Only Joy.htm76.2 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 070 10v25-37 The Good Samaritan.htm118.3 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 071 10v38-42 One Thing is Needful.htm170.9 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 072 11v01-04 Teach Us To Pray.htm98.7 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 073 11v05-13 Shameless Desperation.htm92.6 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 074 11v14-20 The Kingdom of God is Among You.htm73.8 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 075 11v21-26 The Strong Man Armed.htm72.0 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 076 11v27-32 Looking For A Sign.htm58.2 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 077 11v29 30 32 A Greater Than Jonah is Here.htm73.9 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 078 11v31 A Greater than Solomon is Here.htm62.1 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 079 11v33-36 Light or Darkness.htm54.7 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 080 11v37-54 If You Wear Your Halo Too Tight.htm77.6 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 081 12v01-07 A Message to the Master's Friends.htm46.4 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 082 12v07 The Very Hairs of Your Head.htm42.3 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 083 12v08-12 Two Warnings and a Promise.htm50.4 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 084 12v13-21 The Parable of the Rich Fool.htm71.6 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 085 12v22-31 Neither Be Ye Of Doubtful Mind.htm119.1 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 086 12v22-31 First Things First.htm56.4 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 087 12v32-40 Your Father's Good Pleasure.htm69.3 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 088 12v35-40 Christ Will Gird Himself and Serve Us.htm67.7 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 089 12v41-48 God's Servants-The Faithful and the Evil.htm84.4 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 090 12v49-53 I am Come to Send Fire on the Earth.htm109.4 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 091 12v50 How I Am Straitened.htm100.1 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 092 12v54-59 Discerning the Time.htm62.8 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 093 13v01-05 Ecept Ye Repent.htm103.2 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 094 13v01-05 Human Tragedy.htm59.2 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 095 13v06-09 The Parable of the Barren Fig Tree.htm59.2 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 096 13v10-17 Cured At Last.htm152.2 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 097 13v18-21 Two Instructive Parables.htm115.5 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 098 13v18-21 What is the Kingdom of God Like.htm83.4 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 099 13v22-23 Thre Sensible Questons Aboiut Salvation.htm69.4 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 100 13v24-30 Strive To Enter In.htm68.7 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 101 13v24 The Strait Gate.htm83.4 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 102 13v30-35 Ye Would Not.htm86.6 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 103 14v01-06 A Day For Mercy.htm70.5 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 104 14v07-11 How must a sinner come to God.htm57.3 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 105 14v12-15 Living For Eternity.htm78.9 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 106 14v15-24 The Great Supper.htm75.8 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 107 14v25-33 The Issue.htm89.9 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 108 14v25-35 The Cost.htm79.4 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 109 15v01-32 Lost and Found.htm51.0 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 110 15v01 Publicans and Sinners Welcome.htm52.1 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 111 15v02 This Man Receiveth Sinners.htm109.7 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 112 15v03-07 The Parable of the Lost Sheep.htm100.1 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 113 15v08-10 The Parable of The Lost Coin.htm93.7 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 114 15v11-24 The Parable of the Prodigal Son.htm163.7 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 115 15v11-24 God's Method of Grace.htm87.5 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 116 15v20 And He Kissed Him.htm109.0 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 117 15v22-23 But The Father Said.htm110.9 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 118 15v25-32 The Other Son.htm105.9 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 119 15v32 It Was Meet.htm115.8 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 120 16v01-13 The Parable of the Unjust Steward.htm122.8 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 121 16v13-18 That Which is Highly Esteemed.htm120.0 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 122 16v19-31 Seven Lessons Learned Too Late.htm108.1 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 123 17v01-05 Strong Doctrine.htm59.6 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 124 17v05-10 Increase Our Faith.htm71.7 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] luk 125 17v11-19 Cleansed, but Not Healed.htm45.1 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 125 17v11-19 Cleansed, but Not Healed 1.htm79.0 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 126 17v20-25 The Kingdom of God.htm76.4 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 127 17v26-37 The Distinguishing Grace of God.htm100.7 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 128 17v32 Remember Lot's Wife.htm56.3 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 129 18v01-08 The Parable of the Unjust Judge.htm55.6 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 130 18v09-14 Self-righteousness.htm110.6 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 131 18v13-14 How Must A Sinner Approach God.htm70.1 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 132 18v15-17 A Short, but Vital Sermon.htm75.4 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 133 18v18-27 Yet Lackest Thou One Thing.htm61.9 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] Luk 134 18v28-34 A Promise, A Prophecy, and A Problem.htm65.9 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] luk 135 18v35-43 Jesus At A Stand.htm48.4 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] luk 136 19v01-10 A Lost Sinner Sought and Saved.htm43.5 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] luk 137 19v5-6 Effectual Calling.htm77.7 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] luk 138 19v10 The Master's Mission.htm71.9 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] luk 139 19v11-27 The Nobleman and His Servants.htm53.8 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] luk 140 19v28-40 King Jesus Riding the Wild Ass's Colt.htm64.9 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] luk 141 19v40 Christ Shall be Worshipped.htm51.7 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] luk 142 19v41-44 He Beheld the City and Wept.htm40.6 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] luk 143 19v45-48 Purging the House of God.htm51.3 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] luk 144 20v1-8 Ungodliness in the House of God.htm54.9 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] luk 145 20v9-19 God's Church - His Vineyard.htm39.5 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] luk 146 20v17-18 Fall Upon That Stone.htm43.7 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] luk 147 20v19-26 Of God and Caesar.htm56.6 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] luk 148 20v27-38 Children of the Resurrection.htm67.2 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] luk 149 20v39-47 David's Son and David's Lord.htm45.5 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] luk 150 21v1-4 A Certain Poor Widow.htm66.8 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] luk 151 21v01-24 Lessons for Troublesome Times.htm64.2 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] luk 152 21v25-38 Men's Hearts Failing Them.htm102.4 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] luk 153 21v28-32 Look Up.htm54.7 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] luk 154 21v33 That Which Shall and Shall Not Pass Away.htm56.6 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] luk 155 21v36 Worthy to Stand.htm79.6 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] luk 157 22v14-20 In Remembrance of Me.htm60.7 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] luk 158 22v21-30 Who is the greatest.htm62.4 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] luk 159 22v31-62 Peter's Fall and Restoration.htm63.3 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] luk 160 22v31-32 Sifted Wheat.htm69.8 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] luk 161 22v35 Lacked Ye Anything.htm75.3 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] luk 162 22v27 Our Savior's Last Lesson.htm50.9 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] luk 163 22v31-38 He was Reckoned among the Transgressrs.htm59.8 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] luk 164 22v39-46 Agony in Gethsemane.htm54.3 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] luk 164n 22v39-46 Agony in Gethsemane.htm26.3 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] luk 165 22v03-06 and 47-54 The Betrayal.htm60.1 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] luk 165n 22v03-06 and 47-54 The Betrayal.htm47.3 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] luk 166 22v54-62 A Great Sinner and His Great Savior.htm36.9 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] luk 167 22v63-71 Majesty on Trial.htm32.3 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] luk 168 23v01-34 Then Said Jesus.htm83.3 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] luk 169 23v01-33 Barabbas.htm75.5 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] luk 170 23v33 The Place Called Calvary.htm85.6 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] luk 171 23v32-43 Lessons from Calvary.htm66.1 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] luk 172 23v32-43 Three Crosses - Three Crucifixions.htm70.5 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] luk 173 23v24-49 Beholding These Things.htm56.3 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] luk 174 23v08-11 Setting Christ at Nought.htm57.1 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] luk 175 23v34 Father Forgive Them.htm154.9 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] luk 176 23v39-43 One Taken, the Other Left.htm134.1 KB2013-Jan-15
[html] luk 177 23v44-45 The Rent Veil.html27.2 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] luk 177n 23v44-45 The Rent Veil.htm37.9 KB2013-Jan-15
[html] luk 178 23vv44-49 Our Savior's Death.html25.1 KB2013-Jan-15
[html] luk 179 07v41-42 Paid in Full.html28.4 KB2013-Jan-15
[html] luk 180 23v46 Into Thy Hands I Commend My Spirit.html32.9 KB2013-Jan-15
[html] luk 181 23v26 A Passer-by Compelled.html23.4 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] luk 182 23v50-56 Joseph of Arimathaea.htm37.3 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] luk 183 24v01-12 The Tomb Wasn't Empty.htm54.3 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] luk 183n 24v01-12 The Tomb Wasn't Empty.htm31.9 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] luk 184 24v13-35 He opened to us the Scriptures.htm79.1 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] luk 184n 24v13-35 He Opened to us the Scriptures.htm56.1 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] luk 185 24v26 The Necessity.htm87.2 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] luk 185n 24v26 The Necessity.htm48.4 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] luk 186 24v29 Abide with Us.htm52.1 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] luk 186n 24v29 Abide With Us.htm35.5 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] luk 187 24v36-53 Behold My Hands.htm64.5 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] luk 187n 24v36-53 Behold My Hands.htm42.3 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] luk 188 24v36-53 Risen - But Still the Same.htm88.8 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] luk 188n 24v36-53 Risen - But Still the Same.htm53.4 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] luk 189 24v50-53 His Nail Pierced Hands.htm70.7 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] luk 189n 24v50-53 His Nail Pierced Hands.htm36.3 KB2013-Jan-15
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