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Zion Is His Dwelling Still Don Fortner

(Tune: #225 – I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say — CMD)


1.    The Lord our God chose Zion’s hill to be His place of rest;

And Zion is His dwelling still, with His own presence blessed!

Christ’s word of promise He will keep, as long as time shall stand,

Where two or three poor, needy sheep gather, He will descend.


2.    Christ stoops to meet poor sinners here and speaks by His preached Word

To both reprove our sin and cheer our souls with grace outpoured.

The hungry and in spirit poor with grace and truth are fed.

The contrite, trembling at His Word, by Christ are gently led.


3.    O Holy Spirit, come today! Father, accept our praise!

Savior, Your glory here display, and heal each soul’s disease!

Arise, O Christ! Arise! Arise! Come, visit us with grace!

We wait, with hopeful, longing eyes, to be thus owned and blessed.




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