Your Love, O God, not Ours for You Don Fortner

(Tune: #342 — Must Jesus Bear the Cross Alone — CM)


1.    Your love, O God, not ours for You,

Inspires our hearts with praise;

Your faithfulness, Lord, not our faith,

Sustains us in life’s maze.


2.    Your work for us, O Christ, our Lord,

Your righteousness and blood,

Your saints extol in heart and song,

And not our works thought good.


3.    Your grace to us, O Holy Ghost,

And not the fruit it brings,

Things known and felt, revealed within,

The ransomed sinner sings.


4.    To God, the triune God, alone,

Eternal Three-in-One,

Who saved us by free grace through blood.

Give praise to God alone!





Don Fortner



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