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Your Husband is Your Lord Don Fortner

(Tune: #43 — All Hail the Power —CM)


1.    My soul, in Jesus Christ rejoice,

And take Him at His word;

He says, oh, listen to His voice, —

ŇYour Husband is the Lord!Ó


2.    Your Maker is your Husband too,

In mercy, grace, and love,

He stooped to take such worms as you

Up to His throne above!


3.    Though wretched, poor, helpless, and vile,

(Our Husband knows it well.)

Still, Jesus meets you with a smile,

And says with you HeŐll dwell!


4.    Though sinŐs enormous debt we see,

And feel our dreadful load,

Our marriage union sets us free,

Our Husband is our God!


5.    Soon He will come and take us home, —

The marriage supper give!

We shall no more from Jesus roam,

But with our Husband live!







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