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You will not Let Me Fall Don Fortner

(Tune: #497 — When I can Read My Title Clear —CM)

1.    Jesus, my God, I know Your name,

To You I trust my all;

You will not put my soul to shame,

You will not let me fall.

2.    I know Your power to hold me fast,

By Your almighty grace,

And to present your saints at last,

In perfect holiness.

3.    I know, by witness from above,

In whom I have believed, —

Sealed in my SaviorŐs perfect love,

I cannot be deceived!

4.    Safe in Your hand, O let me live,

To make Your glory known;

Grace from Your fulness daily give,

And glory at Your throne.

5.    In that great day when You appear,

In majesty divine,

To bring Your blood-bought children home,

I shall in glory shine!







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