You gave Your all, my God, for me†††

Don Fortner

(Tune: When I Survey #118††† LM)


Did Christ, the holy Son of God,

††† Assume my nature, flesh and blood?

††† Did He, the Sovereign of the skies,

††† Become a man that I might rise?



Oh, yes! He left His throne on high

††† That He might suffer, bleed, and die!

††† Extol, my soul, your Saviorís name!

††† Adore the Substitute who came!



He took this wretched sinnerís place,

††† And died for me. (Amazing grace!)

††† My sins He bore upon the tree,

†† And justice satisfied for me!



In Jesusí sin-atoning blood,

††† By which Iím reconciled to God,

††† Which snatched this rebelís soul from hell,

††† All saving power and merit dwell!



O Savior, take my worthless heart,

††† My life possess in every part.

††† You gave Your all, my God, for me.

††† Let me nothing withhold from Thee.