You Gave Your all For Me, My God


Don Fortner


(Tune: When I Can Read My Title Clear #497 CM)


Lord Jesus, what great wonders dwell

††† In Your atoning blood!

††† It snatched me from the jaws of hell

††† And brings me up to God.



My God, the holy and the just,

††† The sovíreign of the skies,

††† Stooped to my wretchedness and dust

††† That I by Him might rise.



You stepped from Your eternal throne,

††† That throne of grace on high,

††† (Amazing mercy! Love unknown!)

††† For me to bleed and die!



At Calvary You took my place,

††† And suffered in my stead!

††† For me (O miracle of grace!),

††† For me Immanuel bled!



You gave Your all for me, my God.

††† In gratitude to You

††† I give the purchase of Your blood,

††† I give myself to You!