Yonder Babe, in Flesh and Blood Don Fortner

(Tune: #93 Hark! The Herald Angels Sing - 77.77D)


1.    Angels made the heavens ring, as they sang of Christ our King.

Angels, never washed in blood, sang aloud the praise of God,

When they saw Him come from high in our flesh to live and die!

Much more, then, your anthems bring, sinners ransomed by this King!


2.    Yonder babe, in flesh and blood, (DavidŐs son and DavidŐs God!),

Came to ransom GodŐs elect, and remove our awful debt.

Righteousness He has brought in, and by death put away sin!

Look, oh, look on JesusŐ face. — See the glory of GodŐs grace.


3.    Loved and chosen, bought with blood, called by grace, the sons of God,

Ransomed sinners, now rejoice! With GodŐs angels, lift your voice!

Sing the honors of your Lord, born to save us by His blood!

Glory, glory, glory be to our God, great God is He!


4.    Christ, incarnate Deity, now by faith (He gives) we see,

How God can in holiness pour on us His matchless grace!

When our faith gives way to sight, then in heavenŐs glory bright,

WeŐll in bliss immortal sing, Hallelujah to our King!









Don Fortner



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