“Yet, I Obtained Mercy!” — Don Fortner

(Tune: #400 — Jesus, and Shall it Ever Be? — LM)


1.    Come, ransomed sinners, help me sing

The love of our Almighty King;

I strove against His fixed decree,

Yet I obtained His mercy free.


2.    Despising all His boundless grace,

Madly, I chose the rebel’s race;

I said, “O’er me He’ll never reign.” —

Yet I obtained His mercy then!


3.    Self-righteous — Ignorant of God,

But cleansed, and saved by Jesus’ blood,

No ruined sinner could be worse,

Yet I obtained His mercy thus.


4.    Poor, needy sinners! Don’t despair,

To Calv’ry flee — and tarry there;

My glorious Surety’s merit view,

And you’ll obtain His mercy too.







Don Fortner



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