With a Blessed New YearÕs Dawning — Don Fortner

(Tune: #294 — Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us — 87.87.87)


1.    With a blessed New YearÕs dawning,

Rest, my soul, in covÕnant love;

From the world of sin, this morning

Haste away to Christ above.

Blessed Spirit, Holy Spirit,

Shed abroad the SaviorÕs love!


2.    Like the earth in winter frozen,

I confess, is my poor heart;

But my Savior to His chosen

Will celestial fire impart. —

Blessed Spirit, let me feel it,

Burning as my years depart!


3.    Though the year which now commences

Must bring sorrows, crosses, woes,

God sufficient grace dispenses,

And His promised aid bestows.

Christ, my Savior, ever present,

Will defend me from my foes.


4.    O, for grace, each day increasing,

(My appointed end draws near!)

Give me mercy, Lord, unceasing

Through each swift revolving year,

Till at last with Christ in glory,

Face to face I shall appear.!










Don Fortner



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