With This, We Close the Year Don Fortner

(Tune: #52 — Majestic Sweetness -- CM)


1.    Father, humbly, before Your throne, Your children gathered here,

Bow to acknowledge mercies shown, throughout this closing year.


2.    Your judgments in the earth are good. (We this confession share.)

All that You’ve done, our God, is good. With this, we close the year.


3.    We’ve seen sickness, and we’ve seen death, — Some sorrows hard to bear!

Yet, Lord, Your goodness, (Oh, the breadth!) pursued us through the year.


4.    Past sins and follies, Lord, forgive, and fill our hearts with cheer.

Enable us for Christ to live throughout this op’ning year.


5.    As You have loved us, let us love, and for each other care.

Oh, set each heart on things above, each day of this new year!


6.    Prepare us, Father, for Your will, whatever may appear;

And keep us clinging firmer still, to Christ through all the year.


7.    Confirm our souls in grace, and we will walk with You in fear,

And Christ our Savior then shall be our song throughout the year









Don Fortner



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