Why not for Me? — Don Fortner

(Tune: The Doxology  LM)


1.    Grace from the gospel trumpet sounds!

Free grace in Jesus Christ abounds!

Is grace in Christ to sinners free?

Then why, my soul, why not for me?


2.    Christ Jesus died; and by His blood

Sinners are reconciled to God!

He died to set the captive free:

Then why, my soul, why not for me?


3.    Redeeming blood, (How sweet it sounds!)

To cleanse my guilt and heal my wounds!

This fountainŐs full of grace most free

For sinners. So, why not for me?


4.    Christ came the naked, poor to bless,

To clothe them with His righteousness.

His blood, His robe, His grace, — ALL FREE!

Then why, my soul, why not for me?


5.    Eternal life by Christ obtained

Is for all who believe on Him.

I trust Him for GodŐs grace so free;

And say, ŇMy soul, itŐs all for me!Ó









Don Fortner



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