Why Do These Hands Hang Down?Don Fortner

(Tune: #33 – Stand Up And Bless the Lord! -- SM)


1.      Why do these hands hang down? Oh, why these feeble knees?

      At times our God may seem to frown, But this is what He says…


2.      “I am the Lord, my sons; And I can never change,

      Though sin may fill your hearts with gloom, My love is still the same.”


3.      We must confess our sins, When Satan’s roars harass;

      But in the teeth of all our sins, There is a place of rest.


4.      Faith looks to Jesus’ blood And perfect righteousness,

      And dares believe the Word of God For grace, and peace and rest!


5.      Though He afflicts, His mind Is never to destroy.

But our great Father’s rod’s designed To bring us endless joy.


6.      Take heart, my ransomed friends! With patience run your race.

      Make straight the knees, lift up those hands, And look to Christ for grace!