While Your Servant Preaches Christ -- Don Fortner

(Tune: #342 Must Jesus Bear the Cross Alone -- CM )


1.       O Lord, Your servant fill today With pure, angelic fire,

       Oh, loose his tongue, grant liberty, Both his and our desire.


2.       Enable him to preach the Word With wisdom, grace, and pow’r;

       And by the gospel preached, O Lord, Refresh our souls this hour.


3.       And while Your servant preaches Christ, Who bore our sins away,

       Make Your grace and love in Christ shine In our cold hearts today!


4.       May burdened sinners lose their load, And guilty souls rejoice,

       As they, believing, learn today They are Jehovah’s choice!


5.       O let Your servant preach today Salvation full and free,

       Forgiveness and eternal life, For needy souls like me!