When JudahÕs Lion Rose — Don Fortner

(Tune: Am I A Soldier of the Cross? #414 )


1.    The secret councils of the skies

A sealÕd volume lay,

For who was worthy to arise

And take the seals away?


2.    The listening seraphs bowed amazed;

And quiet were the throngs,

Who on the sacred volume gazed,

While silence sealed their tongues.


3.    But, oh, when Judah's lion rose,

What shouts of praise resound,

For He was worthy to disclose

Divine decrees profound!


4.    Worthy the book of life to read,

And count the worthless names

To everlasting life decreed, —

Secure from Tophet's flames.


5.    Worthy to reign in Glory now,

Great SovÕreign of the sky,

While angels at Your footstool bow,

And lift Your glories high!







Don Fortner



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