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When GodŐs Elect in Sorrow Mourn Don Fortner

(Tune: #414 — Am I a Soldier of the Cross? —CM)


1.    When GodŐs elect in sorrow mourn,

When foes and fears oppress,

Our cries Jehovah will not scorn,

Nor leave us comfortless.


2.    He sends His Spirit to impart

A sense of pardŐning love,

Drives doubts and darkness from our hearts,

And hills of guilt removes!


3.    Believer, in your trying hour,

You shall His grace receive,

(Some cheering ray, refreshing shower),

Your sorrows to relieve.


4.    He stoops to earth and comfort brings;

Reveals our SaviorŐs love,

Then points us to eternal things,

And lifts our hearts above.







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