When God the Spirit Comes — Don Fortner

(Tune: #118 — When I Survey — LM)

1.    Survey, my soul the great displays

Of sov’reign, free and saving grace:

God chose us out of Adam’s race;

Awake, awake, and sing His praise!

2.    We did not, would not choose the Lord,

Until, at the appointed hour,

The Spirit shed His love abroad,

Revealing Christ, with saving pow’r.

3.    Christ chose, because He loved to choose;

But I, with wretched, stubborn heart,

Refused Him, while I could refuse,

And often said to Him, “Depart.”

4.    But when His saving grace I knew,

Conquered, I made the Lord my choice:

Since God created me anew,

In Christ alone I will rejoice!





Don Fortner



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