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When God Begins His Work of Grace Don Fortner

(Tune: #118 — When I Survey —LM)


1.    When God begins His work of grace

In chosen sinners, called by grace,

Like leaven, He will make it rise,

While broken, that poor sinner cries.


2.    At first the work seems small and weak.

(The broken soul can hardly speak!)

But broken hearts, with heavy sighs,

Jehovah says, HeÕll not despise.


3.    The broken sinnerÕs sighing prayer.

Ascends to heavÕn, and enters there.

The soul from which such groanings rise,

Shall be with Christ in Paradise.


4.    Let none despise the work of God —

The called, His chosen, bought by blood!

Who shall condemn when God approves,

Or hurt the soul Christ Jesus loves?


5.    When we have entered HeavenÕs gates,

The work, once small, will then be great!

And, while the wondÕring angels gaze,

WeÕll sing JehovahÕs endless praise!







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