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When Christ is Pleased to Smile Don Fortner

(Tune: #405 — My Soul be on Thy Guard —SM


1.    When Christ is pleased to smile

On souls oppressed and grieved,

When patience has endured the trial,

We find in Him relief.


2.    The shining of His face,

Reveals His loving heart;

His smile revealed will darkness chase,

And joy and peace impart.


3.    One look from our dear Lord,

            Whose brow compassion wears,

Will much of heavenly bliss afford,

EÕen in this vale of tears.


4.    Our SaviorÕs smiles reflect

The glories known above. —

The highest bliss we there expect

Is feasting on His love!


5.    O that our souls might live

Beneath His smiling face,

And daily from His fulness have

Renewed supplies of grace!







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