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What Wonders in My Savior Meet!Don Fortner

(Tune: #131 — Lift Up, Lift Up Your Voices Now — LM)

1.    What wonders in my Savior meet —

His head, His hands, His side, His feet

Present to my astonished view,

Eternal glories, ever new!


2.    Poor and despised, yet rich and loved;—

Humbled to death — His throne unmoved!

God’s Servant and our sov’reign Lord,

Reviled and murdered, yet adored!


3.    Pardon and life are His to give;

He died that God’s elect might live,

Became a curse to bring us grace —

He is the Lord our Righteousness!


4.    He had not where to lay His head,

Although the worlds were by Him made!

He hungered, though He thousands fed,

Sinless, and yet for sin He bled!


5.    The Father’s co-eternal Son

Made sin for us — The Holy One!

The Portion all believers crave,

He’s Man to suffer — God to save!




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