We’ve come to worship You, O Lord Don Fortner

(Tune: The Doxology — LM)


1.        We’ve come to worship You, O Lord.

We ask for grace to hear Your Word.

Our Father, visit us today:

Receive our praise, teach us to pray.


2.        Holy Spirit, grace now give,

That sinners dead may look and live!

Repentance, faith, eternal life,

Bestow, we pray, Spirit of Life!


3.        Lord Jesus, Savior, show Your face,

Dispel our clouds and give us peace.

Arise, O Sun of Righteousness!

Revive our souls with needed grace!


4.        Though we are sinful, Lord, You’re good,

Come, bathe our souls in Jesus’ blood,

Blest Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, —

The God we praise, adore, and trust!