We are No Longer Under Law —Don Fortner

(Tune: There Is A Fountain —  #222— CMD)


1.    From Jewish laws and holy days

We are completely free!

Since Jesus Christ fulfilled the law,

God’s saints in Him are free!



We are no longer under law,

            But we are under grace!

            Christ ransomed us and set us free,

            And we are under grace.


2.    We fear no more the legal curse.

Christ washed our sins away!

Since sin and guilt have been removed,

The law can never slay.


3.    In Christ we’re free from all the law’s

Dominion and terror;

We’re governed by the gospel now

And love’s constraining pow’r


4.    We keep no carnal sabbath days,

But rest in Christ alone.

Ceasing from all our legal works,

We trust what Christ has done!









Don Fortner



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