We Praise You, Father, God of Grace


Don Fortner


(Tune: The DoxologyLM)


All things are ordered by Godís will,

His gracious purpose to fulfil,

Ordered to save the holy seed,

Chosen in Christ their covínant Head.



Those jewels of electing love

Were sanctified in Christ above:

In Him accepted and beloved,

They canít be severed from His love.



These chosen ones were bought by blood

And reconciled by Christ to God.

Godís Spirit shall these ransomed call,

And save Godís chosen from the fall.



We praise You, Father, God of grace,

For Your electing love and grace,

For Jesus Christ, Your darling Son,

And for Your Spiritís work begun.


Complete in us Your work begun.

Conform us to the Firstborn Son!

And, entering our heavínly home,

Weíll shout, ďFree grace, free grace alone!Ē