We Have Not Come To Sinai’s Brow


Don Fortner


(Tune: Majestic Sweetness #52    CM)


We have not come to Sinai’s brow,

Where God with thunder spoke

The dreadful curses of the law,

Midst tempest, fire, and smoke.


To Zion’s fairer hill we’ve come,

The City of our God.

Though sinners, here we are welcome

Through Jesus’ precious blood.


With chosen angels, clothed in light,

And spirits of the just,

We’re gathered here to worship Christ,

The mighty God we trust.


Constrained, compelled by God’s free grace,

Effectually we’re taught,

Living by grace, to live for Christ,

For by His blood we’re bought!


Yet, painfully, we must confess -

“Our noblest deeds are sin!”

Still, Sinai’s law cannot molest,

For Jesus’ blood says, “Clean!”


In Zion’s hill the guilty rest

And endless sabbath keep.

Leaning upon our Savior’s breast,

                                             As safely folded sheep.