We Find Ourselves at HomeDon Fortner

(Tune: #414 — Am I a Soldier of the Cross? — CM )


1.    Lord, here, among the sons of God,

We find ourselves at home

With sinners bought by JesusÕ blood, —

To Him we all belong.


2.    One in our covÕnant Head and King,

YouÕve made us one in heart;

Of one salvation we all sing,

Each claiming his own part.


3.    One loaf, one family, one flock,

One building formed by love,

One fold, one Shepherd (Blessed Rock!),

Forever one above!


4.    One city ruled by grace divine,

ŌPeace be within thy walls!Ķ

Zion shall in full glory shine,

When SatanÕs empire falls!





Don Fortner



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