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Waiting to be Gracious Don Fortner

Isaiah 30:18

(Tune: #477 — When I Can Read My Title Clear — CM)


  1. So great the love, so rich the grace of our eternal God, —

He waits to save His chosen race with efficacious blood.


  1. He waits, while they His grace defy, until thÕ appointed hour,

(Fixed in the council held on high), of mercy, love, and powÕr.


  1. He waits to show His saving name and make His mercy known:

He waits His ransomed to reclaim and gather in His own.


  1. My God, and did You wait for me, to manifest Your love?

Teach me to wait in hope to see my SaviorÕs face above.


  1. GodÕs waiting to be gracious still, though clouds may hide His face:

IÕll wait the wonders of His will and sing His matchless grace!







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