Don Fortner

(Tune: America The Beautiful #531)


A remnant shall be saved, I know;

For God declares they will.

But who among the sons of men

With Christ in heav'n shall dwell?

Who shall in judgment stand approved?

Who shall forever live?

Am I among the chosen few,

Who shall forever live?


All that the Father loved and chose,

Before the world began,

Shall dwell with him eternally;

He will fulfil His plan!

All that Christ Jesus bought with blood,

When He for sinners died,

With Him in glory shall be found;

He shall be satisfied!


All who are called and given faith,

By God' s almighty grace,

Who by the Spirit live in Christ,

Shall dwell with Him in peace!

The triune God can never fail;

The work of grace is sure;

The Father, Son and Holy Ghost

All covenant grace secure!


And every sinner who believes

On Jesus Christ alone

Shal1 enter heaven by His blood,

And hear God say, "Well done!"

O blessed, blessed promise sure,

"All who believe shall live!"

I do believe on Jesus Christ!

With Him in heav'n I'll live!