WHO SHALL CONDEMN US?††††††††††††††††

Don Fortner

(Tune: My Faith Has Found A Resting Place#228 CM)


What shall we say then to those things Fixed by Godís wise decree?

If God be for us, who then can Against the chosen be?

If God spared not His only Son, But gave Him up to die,

He certainly will give His own All blessings from on high.


Who shall lay anything against The charge of Godís elect?

God justified us. Our defense Is Christ has paid our debt.

Who shall condemn the chosen race, The people loved of God,

Whose names, inscribed by sovíreign grace, Are in the Book of God?


Christ for the sins of His elect Complete atonement made.

And justice never can expect The debt to twice be paid.

Believer, here your comfort stands. Godís saving grace is free.

His every attribute demands His saintsí security!