Don Fortner


Who is a God like unto Thee,

That pardoneth iniquity?"

Jehovah, God, the great I AM,

Forgives our sins through Christ the Lamb?


"Who is a God like unto Thee,

T'hat pardoneth iniquity?"

His anger He retains no more!

His grace and mercy shall endure!


The God of truth must punish sin;

But in His love He formed a plan,

To satisfy the law's demands

For sinners num'rous as the sands.


Behold His love and compassion

In the death of Christ His Son!

The precious sin-atoning blood

Reveals the love and truth of God.


He passes by the transgressions

Of all His loved and chosen ones:

In mercy God delights, we see-

He cast our sins into the sea!


None can with our great God compare,

He gave His Son, sinners to spare:

His anger He retains no more,

Christ died, and God requires no more.


(Tune: And Can It Be?)

Long Meter Double 88.88 D