Don Fortner


Where'er Your people gather, Lord,

Around the Mercy-Seat,

Be pleased to grant Your grace and power,

Where'er Your church may meet:

Some gather in a stately place,

Some in a modest home,

But all who know Your love and grace

To worship Christ have come.

A special favor we would seek

Who worship in this place:

Pour out your Spirit, flood our souls

With visions of Your grace;

Your servant fill with pow'r to preach

A word from God for us-

Send forth the mighty gospel, Lord,

To everyone of us.


Yet, we would not neglect to pray

For friends around the world,

E'en for the flocks of saints

Who worship Christ our Lord:

For those who have no messengers

Of grace and truth from God,

Give them good pastors from Your heart,

Provide their souls with food.


All saints are one around the world,

And those in heaven too-

The universal Church of God,

A glorious multitude!

As one great chosen Family,

We gather 'round God's Throne:

Redeemed and called by grace Divine

To make His glory known.


(Tune: There is a Green Hill Far Away)

Common Meter Double 86.86.D