Don Fortner

(Tune: I Heard The Voice Of Jesus Say…” #225   CMD)


What do you think of Jesus Christ?

       This is the crucial test.

       We are not saved, we are not blessed,

       Until in Christ we rest.

       All gracious souls, born from above,

       Relying on His blood,

       All who have known His saving love,

       Are sure that Christ is God.



Because He is The Mighty God,

       My Savior cannot fail.

       Saved sinners know Christ’s precious blood

       For them with God prevails.

       Trusting The Lord Our Righteousness,

       From my own works I’ve ceased.

       Christ is my blessed sabbath rest,

       My only hope and peace!



If asked what I of Jesus think,

       Though my best thoughts are weak,

       Christ is my Life, my Meat and Drink –

       He’s everything I seek!

       Shepherd and King, Husband and Friend,

       My Savior from the fall,

       He’s my Beginning and my End,

       My Portion and my All!