Don Fortner

(Tune: This Is My Father’s World #39   SMD)


Blessed are the sons of God, Those purchased by Christ’s blood!

    By grace delivered from the grave, Eternal life we have!

    God loved us in His Son Before the worlds began.

    Sealed by the Spirit, we believe On Christ and in Him live.



We’re justified by grace, Believing, we have peace.

    Looking to Christ, we hear Him say, “Your sins I’ve washed away.”

    God’s holy seed within Makes us hate every sin.

    Yet, warring with our sinful flesh, Our only hope is grace.



Our fellowship with God Is only through Christ’s blood;

    But since with Jesus Christ we’re one, God smiles on us His sons!

    Worthy in Christ we are His heritage to share.

    Grace makes us joint-heirs with God’s Son. This is glory begun!