WE’VE COME TO WORSHIP HERE                   

Don Fortner

(Tune: Stand Up, and Bless The Lord  #33  SM)


We’ve come to worship here, Gathered in Jesus name,

To offer praise, and love, and prayer, And hear God’s Word proclaimed.


Great Father, Lord of all, In heav’n and earth adored,

Humbled, before Your throne we fall. Oh, let us hear Your Word.


Lord Jesus, Son of God, Our Savior and our King,

You bought us with Your precious blood. To You our praise we bring.


Our worship, Savior, own, Incarnate God, our Lord.

Refresh our souls by sending down The blessings of Your Word.


O Holy Spirit, come, Reveal the things of Christ.

Oh, give the gift of life to some! Fetch chosen souls to Christ.