Don Fortner


(Tune: Glorious Things Of Thee Are Spoken #185 87.87.D)


We to worship God, almighty,

Gather here in Jesus' name.

Knowing that our God is worthy,

Let us now extol His name.

Praise the Father, Son, and Spirit:

Praise the mighty Three in One!

Lift your hearts, all ransomed sinners,

Worship God through Christ the Son!


Holy Spirit, come upon us,

Sanctify our hearts this hour.

Father, now through Christ accept us,

Show us all Your grace and power.

Let our songs, and prayers, and giving

Rise from hearts of love and faith,

To the honor of our Savior,

Who delivered us from death.


God, Your Word send forth with power

To awaken sinners dead.

Build Your church, fulfil Your covenant,

Magnify the church's Head!

Sinners hear the word of mercy,

Trust the blessed Son of God.

Christ alone can cleanse and save you,

By the merit of His blood.