We Sorrow, Yes; But We Have Hope!      

Don Fortner

(Tune: It Came Upon a Midnight Clear #90    CMD)


In vain we try to view the scene, One moment after death.

        What glories must engulf God’s saints, When breathing their last breath!

        With just a breath, their fetters break. Before we say, “They’re gone,”

        The angels willing spirits take To mansions and the throne.



We try, but cannot comprehend, The wonder of that flight

        Beyond the veil and see within That glorious world of light.

        It is enough, for sure, to know They are completely blessed.

        Forever done with sin and woe, With Christ they are at rest.



With harps of gold, they praise the Lamb, Who was for sinners slain.

        Let us now join in song with them, And praise His holy name.

        Their faith and patience, zeal and love, Now make their mem’ry dear.

        May God grant us grace from above Their steps to follow here.



We sorrow, yes; but we have hope, For our departed friends,

        There is a day (O Blessed Hope!) When we shall meet again!

        When Jesus comes to raise the dead, We’ll meet them in the air,

        Triumphant then, with Christ our Head, We’ll reign forever here!