Don Fortner


We have an Advocate on high,

Who with the Father pleads:

Yes, Jesus Christ, the righteous One,

For sinners intercedes.


Christ pleads the merits of His blood

For all who own their sin,

And pleads His spotless righteousness

For all who trust in Him.


If we confess our sins to Him,

Our Father will forgive:

In faithfulness and justice too,

Through Christ God will forgive.


O guilty soul, do not despair,

This Advocate's for you!

Believe His Word, confess your sin,

And God will save you too!


Believer, though your sin is great,

The blood's sufficient still,

God will not charge His own with sin-

Our Savior must prevail!


(Tune: Immortal Love-Forever Full

Common Meter 86.86.