Don Fortner


(Tune: The Son Of God Goes Forth To War  #412 CMD)


When Adam in the garden sinned

And broke his Maker's law,

He died and we all died in him -

We're ruined by the fall!

But Christ, the Second Adam, came

At God's appointed time,

To save a chosen multitude

By His own grace divine.


Christ lived in perfect righteousness

And shed His precious blood:

Through His obedience and blood,

We're justified by God!

The Holy Spirit now applies

Christ's sin atoning blood,

And by His mighty, sovereign grace

He gives us faith in God!


Not by the works which we have done

But by God's sov'reign grace,

In Christ we're saved, forever saved!

Our God shall have our praise!

The Father's free, electing love,

The Son's redeeming blood,

And by the Spirit's mighty call,

We are the sons of God!