Don Fortner


Thank God for love, His sov'reign love!

Unchanging is God's cov'nant love,

Which predestined that I should be

One of the chosen family.


Thank God for grace, His matchless grace,

Amazing, free, eternal grace!

Grace chose me and devised a way

To save me and put sin away.


Thank God for blood, His son's own blood,

Effectual, sin-atoning blood!

The blood of Christ poured out for me

Obtained redemption, full and free.


Thank God for pow'r, His Spirit's pow'r,

Regenerating, saving pow'r!

The Spirit's pow'r caused me to live

And made me willing to believe.


Thank God for peace, His perfect peace!

The blood of Christ has brought me peace:

My conscience free, my heart at ease,

I am redeemed and I have peace.


(Tune: Just as I Am)

Long Meter 88.88.