Viewing All The Year Thatís Gone ó Don Fortner

(Tune: #93 ó Hark! The Herald Angels Sing ó 77.77D )


  1. We adore and worship You, God to Whom our praise is due.

Your great goodness, we confess, and our sins before Your face.

Humbled, Lord, before Your throne, viewing all the year thatís gone,

Unbelief makes us ashamed! And it fills our hearts with pain.


  1. All the wonders we have known by Your goodness through Your Son,

Boundless mercies, rich and rare, tokens of Your special care,

Often viewed in unbelief (Oh, forgive our unbelief!)

Come from Your great throne above, sent by Your eternal love.


  1. Give us grace and make us wise, teach us never to despise,

Mercies hidden from our eyes in our dark and cloudy skies. ó

For we know, we truly do, Lord, that all things come from You,

Ordered by Your wise decree, and Your goodness, rich and free!


  1. In our numbered days to come, if we have another one,

Let us view our trials, Lord, in the light of Your good Word.

Give us by Your Spirit to know that everything You do,

Works together for our good, for whom Jesus shed His blood.