Don Fortner


(Tune: Take My Life And Let It Be††† #393†† 77.77)


Viewing now the year thatís past

Think of Godís great faithfulness.

That will give both hope and cheer

To begin another year.


Boundless favors, all divine,

Blessings all around us shine.

Count the mercies that we share

As we open this new year.


All our sins, Father, forgive.

Help us more for Christ to live,

Both in faith and holy fear,

If we live another year.


Lord, prepare us for Your will.

Give us peace and keep us still,

No matter what may appear,

In the days of this new year.


May Your loving kindness keep

Us, Your weak and sinful sheep.

Prone to roam and prone to err,

Savior, keep us through the year.


Teach us all to watch and pray

Holy Spirit, guide our way.

Make our Fatherís will most clear

Every day in the new year.