Uphold Your Servant, Blessed LordDon Fortner

(Tune: The Doxology -- LM )


1. Uphold Your servant, blessed Lord.

    Enable him to preach Your Word,

    Proclaiming here most heav’nly things,

    Concerning Christ, the King of kings.


2. O give him clear, celestial views

    Of Christ and the blest gospel news,

    O flood his heart! His soul inflame,

    As he now points us to the Lamb!


3. Fill him with mercy, grace and love,

    Passion and power from above. –

    Speak through him, Lord, and we’ll rejoice

    In hearing our dear Savior’s voice!


4. O clothe Your Word with sov’reign power,

    And this shall be a blessed hour!

    Awake the dead! Revive our souls!

    And make each wounded spirit whole!