Don Fortner


(Tune: O For A Thousand Tongues  #46 CM)


United in the cause of Christ

By God the Spirit's grace,

Let us together serve our Lord

With love, and joy, and peace.


Satan, the crafty fiend of hell,

Seeks to divide our hearts;

He feeds our pride and stirs up strife,

To tear God's church apart.


We each must strive by grace to keep

The unity of peace;

Our strength and usefulness is found

In the blest bond of peace.


Those things that carnal hearts divide

We must now put away,

That we may serve our Master's cause

Together in our day.


My brother, will you take my hand?

My sister, join with us!

Together, let us now unite

Our hearts in Christ Jesus.


O Holy Spirit, here we are,

In one accord today,

Descend on us, revive our hearts,

Use us for Christ, we pray!