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Touching the Hem of ChristÕs GarmentDon Fortner

(Tune: When All Thy Mercies, O My God #11 —CM)

1.    O sin-sick souls, dismiss your fears,

Come halt, the blind, the lame,

Come, touch the garment Jesus wears,

ThereÕs healing in His name.

2.    Till sick of evÕry other way,

YouÕll neÕer to Jesus go;

Whose words eternal life convey,

Whose wounds with pardon flow.

3.    Though crushed with guilt, trembling with fear,

And sad beyond degree;

Still, in this garment Jesus wears

ThereÕs healing full and free!

4.    Come, stretch the witherÕd hand today,

For Christ is passing by;

Your case will not allow delay;

Unless you touch, you die.

5.    One touch of this celestial robe

Speaks pardon to the soul;

When sins more weighty than the globe

Across the conscience roll.

6.    Through evÕry crowd to Jesus press

When sin torments your mind;

Peace, pardÕning blood, and righteousness,

In His dear name youÕll find!







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