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To Know the Love of Christ Don Fortner

(Tune: #497  — When I Can Read My Title Clear  — CM)


1.    O Holy Spirit, let me know

The love of Christ to me.

Its soul-reviving power bestow.

And set my spirit free.


2.    I long to know its depth and height,

And see its breadth and length,

In ChristÕs redeeming love delight,

And governed by its strength.


3.    It is Your glory to reveal

The SaviorÕs wondrous love.

Oh, set upon my heart the seal

Of Christ, my SaviorÕs love!


4.    BlessÕd Comforter, this grace impart

And be my constant Guide.

Oh, let that love now flood my heart

Which made my Savior die!







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