‘Tis By Your Hand My Lot Is Cast     Don Fortner

(Tune: #355 From Every Stormy Wind That Blows)


1.       I praise You, Father, for the past.

       ‘Tis by Your hand my lot is cast.

       And for those things which yet may come,

       I pray, my God, Your will be done.


2.       I would not alter Your decree,

       For all that You’ve ordained to be

       Flows from eternal love for me,

       And shall be what is best for me.


3.       In sickness and in health I pray

       For grace to honor You each day.

       Help me, in pleasure and in pain,

       To seek the honor of Your name.


4.       I ask for grace to know Your will,

       To bow before You and be still,

       As long as You shall give me breath,

       And when I close my eyes in death.


Don Fortner