Though Saved By Grace These Many Years††††††††


Don Fortner


(Tune: The DoxologyLM)


I loathe this vile, deceitful heart,

††† So full of sin in every part!

††† But for Godís free and sovíreign grace,

††† An endless hell had been my place.


Though saved by grace these many years,

††† Saved from Godís wrath and countless fears,

††† Yet, Iím a flagrant rebel still,

††† A sinner plagued with every ill.


At war with self, I can but groan

††† And in this sad condition moan.

††† Can such a sinner, so defiled,

††† Belong to God, a chosen child?


Oh, yes, I am! By Godís free grace,

††† Iíve found in Christ a resting place!

††† Though comforts fail and sins abound,

†††††††††††††††††††† Trusting Godís Son, my hope is sound.