Though Lord of Heaven, He Stooped to Earth — Don Fortner

(Tune: #46 — O for A Thousand Tongues — CM)


1.    In JesusÕ condescending love,

Glory and grace appear; —

Though rich He left the realms above,

To be a Servant here.


2.    Though Lord of heavÕn, He stooped to earth,

To do His FatherÕs will;

Despised and poor He was from his birth,

Yet Lord of glory still!


3.    SuffÕring and sorrow, toil and pain,

He, as a Servant, bore,

That His elect might live and reign,

With Him forevermore.


4.    He did the work none else could do,

Then He resumed His throne,

Still keeping His designs in view, —

And gathÕring in His own!








Don Fortner



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