This Is The Name We Call Our Lord

Don Fortner

(Tune: My Faith Has Found A Resting Place #228 CMD)


This is the name we call our Lord - The Lord Our Righteousness.

The Father made Him unto us Wisdom and Righteousness.

Our Father called Him by this name For all His chosen race;

And He accepted us in Him - The Lord Our Righteousness!



The chosen Bride of Christ, His Church, (All sinners saved by grace!),

Now wed to Christ, we wear His name - The Lord Our Righteousness.

That righteousness which Christ brought in Belongs to us His Bride.

His perfect righteousness is ours By gift and marriage right.



The Father looks on Christ and sees - The Lord Our Righteousness,

Then looks on us in Him and sees - The Lord Our Righteousness.

We boast not in our worth or will, Nor in the works weve done,

But in The Lord Our Righteousness. We glory in Gods Son.