There’s Balm in Gilead StillDon Fortner

(Tune: #33―Stand Up and Bless the Lord ―SM )


1.      When sorrows waste this frame, and breaks my heart with pain,

Through stormy seas and raging flames, the help of man proves vain.


2.      Then flee, my soul, for grace, and help in time of need,

To Christ the Lord, and seek His face. He is a Friend indeed.


3.      There’s balm in Gilead still, for all the sons of God,

A balm my wounded heart to heal. ‘Tis found in Jesus’ blood.


4.      The Christ Who died for me is God upon His throne.

He knows and does what’s best for me. So let His will be done.


5.      God’s word I know is true, this is my hope and peace,

Ill never leave nor forsake you.” I look to Him for grace.


6.      For when He hides His face, and darkness intervenes,

It is to make me trust His grace and find my strength in Him.


7.      Christ Jesus, blessed Friend, Physician, tender Nurse,

To make my bed now condescend, and take away my hurt.