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There is a Warfare in My Heart Don Fortner

(Tune: #77 — Sun of My Soul —LM)


1.    There is a warfare in my heart.

Both flesh and spirit take their part.

Both seem resolved in me to reign,

And thus a daily war maintain.


2.    Grace bids me seek the Lord by prayer.

Sin almost drives me to despair. —

Grace bids me rise to Christ on high.

Sin drags me down and makes me sigh.


3.    Grace makes me love the saints of God,

His house, His service, and His Word;

But sin, the old man, always tries

To turn my wandŐring heart aside.


4.    Grace gives me sweetness, peace, and joy.

Still, sin within would God destroy! —

Sin is resolvŐd to hold me fast;

But grace shall conquer sin at last!








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